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  • March, 11 2014


    it took forever for this to come out. there is a release date finally for the album (24.4.14) , and just to say thank you for your patience, here is a free download of the song “trouble”. enjoy.

    oh and i know that some people might ask for “here with me” as well..it`s also coming out soon, thanks for your patience. things take longer sometimes, but it`s worth the wait i hope. much love


    1. tom posted on June 24, 2014:

      hi – i know i’m late to the party, does that mean the free download is gone?

    2. robert posted on June 24, 2014:

      yes it was limited to a 1000 downloads:)

    3. friv 3 posted on December 18, 2014:

      Lots of useful information here. I will send it to some of my friends. And of course, thank you for your efforts in this article!

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