July, 5 2016


after last year`s hypermoment album, robot koch returns with this haunting single release.
drift features nilu on vocals, a songwriter from california who draws inspiration from classical, soul, chamber, persian and rock music. the song also features a signature violin, written and played by savannah jo lack. robot koch is going to release a full body of work with new compositions co-written with savannah jo lack later this year.
the song drift is a first taste of the new material, as it features koch´s hallmark detailed and organic soundscapes as well as the cinematic, lush strings by savannah jo lack.

get it here: https://robotkoch.lnk.to/Drift

April, 19 2016


March, 9 2016


this amazing video for eclipse is staff pick on vimeo and was blogged at many science, art and music blogs like creator`s project

see it for yourself here

Robot Koch – Eclipse (ft Julien Marchal) Official Video from Mickael Le Goff on Vimeo.

video by mickael le goff

December, 18 2015

Dark Waves

December, 1 2015